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March 5, 2008 by yogi2raj

Zune 80 Shortage Will Be Over in 7-10 Days

Let’s go Few days Back…. it was discovered that Zune 80s could not be found anywhere because Microsoft prioritized the manufacturing of the flash Zunes. Well, looks like the Zune shortage is going to be over in about a week, give or takge a couple of days. Microsoft stepped up the production and significant amounts of Zune 80’s are going to be hitting stores all over the US real soon. Ph34r it, iPod classic! Ph34r.

As of now, the only stores that have Zune 80’s on stock are Target, Walmart, and Circuit City. Online you can grab ahold of a Zune 80 through Amazon, Dell, GameStop, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Walmart. Wait for7-10 Days.. and then Go-Go-Go…..


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