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March 9, 2008 by yogi2raj

How would you change the ipod touch?

Well before the iPhone became anything more than a pipe dream, folks were clamoring for a truly updated iPod — one that featured more pixels, a widescreen display and wireless capabilities at the very least. As the iPhone finally came to fruition, hopes were yet again dashed as Apple forced anyone desperate for the aforementioned PMP to also purchase a new cellphone, not to mention live with merely 8GB of storage at the high-end. Thankfully for us all, Cupertino finally saw fit to release the phoneless iPhone, which seemed to combine all of our previous wishes into one very sleek — save for that black notch in the rear — device. Shortly thereafter, users began kvetching over seemingly widespread display issues, the inability to natively use it in Disk Mode and the 16GB cap on capacity. Furthermore, who could forget the way our dreams were crushed when the Bluetooth caper ended with inconclusive results? And yes, we’re still wondering why we can’t add calendar appointments on this thing.

That being said, here’s your chance to rip, rag on or reiterate your love for Apple’s long-awaited iPod touch. How would you have done things differently? What features would have been added and what hardware changes would’ve been made? Oh, and why isn’t this thing available in iPod white™?


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