iRobot Dirt Dog

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April 22, 2008 by yogi2raj

Here’s a dog you don’t have to feed…iRobot Dirt Dog.

Not content with just the Roomba vacuuming robot and the Scooba floor-washing robot, IRobot Corp is going where no other robot has gone beforehand…The place where HP has its roots, in garages, basements and workshops.

iRobot Dirt Dog will clean up your dangerous nails and dusty saw dust after you’ve done making book shelves for your wife. It differs from its siblings by not having a vacumn and that makes it cheaper too at $129.99. Looks like there’s a market for this after all…We just hope they don’t come out with car washing robots as we want to see more videos of Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton in wet bikinis to perk our day up…

It is equipped with two rotating brushes designed to sweep away nails, dirt, sawdust and other debris. Its bin that collects the stuff is also 40 percent larger than Roomba’s. While the Dirt Dog is designed for a more specialized market, Dussault stopped short of saying expectations are lower for the new product than they were for Roomba or Scooba.


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