Pino the Mood Changing Robot

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April 22, 2008 by yogi2raj

pino robot

Tchibo is a e-commerce website the sells lots of cool stuff like gadgets, women’s clothes, kitchen ware, etc. Right now, they are selling a cool new robot toy called Pino. Pino’s visor changes colour to reflect its mode. Grab it for £ 29.90 before it runs out of stock.

A friend for life! This little robot will be glad of all the attention you give him because PINO can actually learn and develop a personality of his own. He shows his feelings, sings songs like “Happy Birthday” and can learn to play, walk and react to light and sounds. Battery-operated, PINO comes with a head sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, two hand sensors, infrared visor with five different colours, two motors and a speaker.

What the different colours of PINO’s visor mean:

Yellow: I’m happy – my sensors are active
Orange: I’m very happy – I want to sing, dance and play a bit more
Dark green: Everything is ok – I’m feeling fine
Light green: I’m lonely
Red: I’m angry


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