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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Thin & Sexy

The Sony Ericsson co. is one of the leading cell phones manufacturers in Europe. The successfully 700 and 800 series became most wanted among the citizens of Europe and Japan. Style and quality- these are the main components of all the latest Sony Ericsson products. No doubt, Sony does know how to make things better. All this concerns the new SonyEricsson creation – thin and sexy SonyEricsson z610.

The z610 is a stylish 3G (third generation) clamshell phone with the cool mirror finish and really sexy design. Z610 has no superb features like some other SonyEricsson phones but the design takes all the attention. The main design novelty of z610 is its OLED front display. It gives you a great feeling; can’t even explain it. You got to see it! You don’t see the display itself, it seems like information appears right on the body of the phone.

And now, all the specifications of Z 610, in all the details:
The main TFT screen has 220 x 176 resolution and 262k color depth capacity. The external OLED screen has resolution of only 128 x 36 mm, but I think it’s enough to view the time, battery and network capacity. The integrated camera of z 612 works in 2 mega pixels resolution and has a 2.5 digital zoom. Moreover, with this feature you will have the possibility to take pictures and send them directly to website.

What about the music and entertainment? The z 610 has a very powerful mp3 player that supports not only MP3 format and olds-school 72 voices polyphony but also ACC, ACC+ and EACC+ music formats. Moreover the games are JAVA MIDP 2.0 powered and run in 3D. Now, that’s a good piece of news for gamers.

The connectivity of z 610 is absolutely superb. The z 610 can work in UTSM 2100, GSM 900/1800/1900 wave bands. Let’s hope that this super capacity doesn’t have an effect on the owner’s health. Moreover z 610 has Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) and USB/USB 2.0 compatibility.
The standard z 610 comes with 64 MB Memory Stick Micro but supports up to 1GB.
Z610 comes in three colors: luster black – for boys, rose pink- for girls and airy blue- for half boys’ half girls)))

There is also a wide range of accessories that will help you to make your SonyEriccson z 610 differ from others. Bluetooth Headset, Desk Stand, Music Desk Stands, Travel Charger, Portable Speakers, and Bluetooth Car Handsfree set; is that enough??? Besides ALL this you can buy a Bluetooth Car Stereo Speakerphone. Unfortunately, SonyEriccson z 610 still remains a prototype, but with all this information uncovered we hope to see it in our stores sooner or later.


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