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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

QDOS Genesis Portable Speaker for iPod line

This week is quite significant for all iPod addicted. Why? The fact is this week Apple Expo takes place. They’ve launched a few novelties and made a kind of remake of their old models. Some very cute devices, I must confess. I guess that iPod fans all over the world exult as now we have much more “fetishes” to enjoy!

But today I’d like to tell you about a QDOS. It is a portable sound system designed by Genesis especially for iPod line. It means the system works with all iPods available today (except the iPod Shuffle).

Actually, it rather looks like a soup can or coffee filter than a speaker. The device is four-way sound system comprising 4 x 3 watt speakers. It produces a 360-degree soundfield that is quite enough to enjoy your favourite music either indoors, outdoors or on-the-go.

The device is easy-to-carry, as it measures only 115mm in diameter and 85mm in height when closed and 125mm in height, weighing no more than 0.8kg.

All you need to enjoy 8 hours of high-quality sound is four AA batteries. There is a possibility to power QDOS via AC adapter when you are indoors.

QDOS has a very useful feature- it synchronises the iPod and recharges its battery when docked and running on DC power.

QDOS Genesis portable speaker is available in black and white.

Genesis is available in the UK and France now and its retail price is £ 89.99.

Actually, this one is an absolute must have for all iPod lovers like me, as this gives the possibility to share my favourite music with my friends. Now I can enjoy high-quality sound aloud and not to part with my iPod even when outdoors. A great gadget, indeed!


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