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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

iPod Compatible Clothes

Happy New Year, everyone! Here we are, at the beginning of a brand new year. This might be another bridge to invention of new technologies and hence, new gadgets too.

So the past year has brought us many, many things, which we liked or disliked, but there is nothing to appear or disappear in vain: we have learned something from our mistakes and have made new useful conclusions. So may the New Year bring you not flawlessness, but only little mistakes, whose consequences you wouldn’t even feel. Using the experience of such mistakes you can make big conclusions to avoid big errors.

And what I am going to bring you right now is a new collection of clothes designed for wearing when using an iPod media player. If you ask yourself why for iPod in particular, I would say that I had asked myself the same question when I heard about such clothes.

iPod Compatible Gloves - iGlovesThe first piece of garment is a pair of clothes, but not quite ordinary ones. I started to wonder, what so special is there about these gloves. The thing is that they are made especially for those people, who like working out during the cold seasons and listening to the iPod media player at the same time. The iGloves are designed in such a way, that you don’t have to take them off to control your favorite music gadget.

Everything I was able to find out about this warm gizmo is that it is from a famous manufacturer of clothes for extreme sports – Marmot. Another thing I found out is that the fancy material the gloves’ shell is made of is called Apex Stretch Fleece NP-850S. I don’t know what it really means, but looks cool. There are any sizes available in the range between extra small (XS) and extra large (XL). The model is made in one single color, but a universal one – black.

So this fancy new technology makes it possible to manage your playlist in a cold weather without taking the gloves off and its suggested retail price for US is only $35. I don’t think there should be much fuss about getting a pair of these.

Another piece of garment, also meant for having an iPod in it and it is the iPod Controlling Jacket. MY God!!! How many things they have already invented for this thing and they can’t even make a break for a second!!!

This rather new thing is meant not just to keep the media gadget in safety, but it is meant to control the player remotely. So this is still a question, whether the iPod or the Jacket controlling it should be called a gadget…

iPod Controlling JacketThe thing is that the left sleeve has a five button control system, consisting of play/pause button, forward and rewind buttons, and volume up and down button. The jacket has a special pocket for the iPod for a firm holding and it is made of a waterproof material, thus you shouldn’t have any problems wearing it and listening to the music during a wet weather.

My thought is that this five button control system lacks two additional buttons Next track and Prev track. You know such situations, when you actually have a playlist with all your favorite songs, but right now you want to hear this particular song and nothing else. So what you do about it? You take the iPod out of the pocket and change the track.

In order to avoid accidental track change the manufacturers have made the buttons to lock after 3 seconds of inactivity. Activation can be done by pressing and holding the forward button for 7 seconds. I think there will be some problems with inactivity thing, but this might be something like that Windows OS: they first make it and then they ask what is wrong with it.


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