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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Katharina Ludwig Ice Jewelery Concept


Here is a quite interesting concept of Katharina Ludwig – Ice Jewelery! It comes to continue the Series of Temporary Jewelery Concept, Soap Jewelery being one to equal Ice Jewelery and to rise specific interest.

While Soap Jewelery Concept appeared inspired by the gestures of washing, Ice Jewelery Concept emphasizes the water value to human existence. The designer’s idea is to contrast warmth of the human body and coldness of ice.

Just the same way Soap Jewelery dissolves while cleaning yourself, Ice Jewelery melts down to delight your skin. This is where your body warmth comes to destroy the beauty expressing the supreme energy it possesses by melting the ice.

Ice Jewelery Collection includes earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. They vary in shape and design. Cubs, cup-like, oval shapes are characteristic. Also, Katharina Ludwig doesn’t make quite big difference among the jewelry she uses – she combines gold and ice, silver and ice, other metals are used too. Some of the pieces are designed to catch the remaining drops of water, others allow the ice to melt directly onto the wearer.

Of course, every time the jewelery melts it will have to be recreated. Thus you can try to be the designer of your own jewelery.

The idea of melting jewelery is very sensual, but I doubt any of us would wear some at a banquet or an important meeting. This is more appropriate for a romantic date (preferably at home so that your dress wouldn’t get wet in public).

Ice Jewelery Concept is very attractive because of its ephemeric existence… What if you want to keep it permanent? My idea is to replace ice with some transparent material that can give the illusion of ice! That way you’d keep the shape of your jewelery, you won’t get wet and you’ll be irresistible. Good luck girls! Be irresistible.


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