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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Danish and Arab Daybed by Dekka

Danish and Arab Daybed by Dekka

Have you lately thought of a comfortable and relaxing daybed? Something that will brake all the designing standards and traditions… something that is plain enough to be genial and unusual. Watch it here! Maybe the Danish and Arab Daybed from Dekka is the very embodiment of your dream.

Though, conceptually it features a totally new approach, this daybed still is made in keeping with the best design traditions of top level furniture. The roots of the Dekka’s daybed go deep into Arabic traditions where asymmetrical shapes made up the very harmony. Here the asymmetry is represented by the irregular hexagon cells. The Danish influence is seen in the ‘melted” angles of the hexagons.

I find the design very interesting first of all because it is controversial. Here you’ll find a soft and spongy fabric used along with polished aluminum frames (looking almost like some grating or grill). Also I was surprised about the fact that the piece combines handwork (padding is hand made by Heidi) and industrial processing at the same time.

Unlike many of the furniture concepts this daybed looks extremely minimalistic and aesthetic while providing perfect functionality and comfort. The designer (FurnID) was successful in designing an exclusive masterpiece of furniture that after all succeeds to stay artistic. It is actually a gadget for which your back will deeply thank you!

It is enough to mention that the Dekka daybed won “Bo Bedre’s Furniture Award 2007” at the Copenhagen International Furniture Fair. This piece of furniture was estimated to US $48,182 (EUR 34,000). The question is: are you ready to pay this money for the thing? I’d say the concept deserves the money, my purse would say it can’t afford it.


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