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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Almost Weeble Wobble Vase

Got bored of the transparent, symmetrical vases? Tired of guessing how much water you flower needs? Let me share my delight about a great piece of invention.

Some smart guys have created a vase which takes different positions in relation to the surface it stands on. The position depends on the quantity of water the vase contains! So, when the vase tends to bound to the ground it means that your flower needs water, if it stays straight upward (sits at a 30-degree angle) then it is filled. (I wonder if it is going to fall down if all the water evaporates. It worths experimenting.)

The very vase is made of handcrafted pewter, and is perfectly balanced to make it lie down and get back to the initial position without falling. I actually haven’t seen a greater visual cue to indicate when you need to add water or to keep you from overwatering your plants.

The first thing I was amazed of, when learning about this vase, was the fact that the designers who projected this vase are actually MEN! Gosh girls, are we to let men solve all our dilemmas? Well, after all it’s not a bad idea at all :)! Talking about the designers, David Sweeney, Jeff Virangkabutra and Michael Korn, are their names.

The second thing that pleasantly surprised me, was the totally asymmetrical and original shape of the vase. Sharp and round shapes are perfectly combined to form a masterpiece! Besides, the metallic color is also something uncommon for vases. The color combined with the shape gives a really cosmic style to this art piece.

And lastly, we must admit it, the vase is splendid and functional! So, if you are one of those who can’t keep disciplined about watering the flowers, an invention like this one can be really helpful.


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