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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Body Beautifying Device. Not Only About Losing Weight

How often do you test some devices on yourself? I bet the answer is NEVER. Because I’m just like all of you there. I don’t have the bad habit to experiment when I’m not into the subject.

Lately, I have got into some vibration therapy (with a Body Beautifying Device) which is being promoted as a fitness thing for able-bodied people. Though it sounds like a really new thing it proves to be a very old therapeutic practice.

It comes that manual vibration treatment was applied to the human body from ancient times. Hindoos, and Brahmins are thought path breakers on the subject. Then followed Chinese and Greeks who probably got their knowledge from the Hindoos.

What really amazes me is the fact that it doesn’t have only the effect of loosing weight as it is usually promoted in the modern world! It does far more if correctly applied. Today, the treatment based on vibration can solve nerve problems; massages organs; revitalizes muscles; etc. I’ve even read about the influences of the vibra-massage traveling from front to back (smart: direction of the sinus longitudinalis and of the sinus transversalis), which due to nerve frictions and vibrations successfully treat diseases of the central nervous system.

The massager I use (photo) promotes mechanical vibra-massage, which means there is no any chemical, thermal, or electrical vibration involvement. It comes naturally without additional efforts and useless movements. All you have to do is to stand on the massage plate, choose the right mode and listen to music (which syncs with the vibration modes).

I need to be honest! I took this device for the purpose of losing weight and keeping it off …but the vibration massage proved to be far more efficient in enhancing my body state entirely, complexly. When I figured out the idea, I realized that it is not always about Body Beautifying only, it is about health too!

Oh, and its funny to feel your legs, waist, abdomen and buttocks vibrating! It’s like you are turned inside out. You feel all your muscles, organs, …everything moving in unison and obeying some unknown power.

The best way to make it work is to listen to your body! It will tell you which of the modes to choose to make it efficient. The built-in microcomputer will help you adjust the intensity (500t/m), speed (20 levels) and degree (8 degrees) of the movement. The control panel is quite easy to operate and has membrane buttons and bright display.

Such a device holds up to 150 kg, so you should not be concerned about the ability of the foot-plate to work your body. Besides, such massagers as mine are usually provided with anti slip hand grips which you may use until you fill comfortable with the ‘shaking earth’. You can also set the timer from 1 to 10 minutes of working time. Add here – low power consumption, low level of noise and environment friendly materials — and you’ll get a perfect massager for home use.


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