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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier

Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier is a true masterpiece! I’d even say that it is the culmination of the Swarovski Chandelier Series. The great idea is that it makes a designer out of you! How? Quite simple, it allows the viewer shape his/her own chandelier out of the light reflections it creates.

For soul:The light reflections play an imaginary game with each of the viewer! While you move it changes its appearance. You may see a circle, which in a second turns into a square, then a couple of seconds latter it makes on an infinity sign. All this happens very smoothly, almost unobserved, and if you are watchful enough your eyes will catch the shapes between. Very much like a kaleidoscope!

The most striking is that the optical illusion it creates, dims the edges of the real shape, which finally make you feel like you have a light film of fog or a cloud hanging out there on your celling.

I can’t even decide which one of the Swarovski chandeliers I like the most – Swarovski Nest Chandelier for its totally overwhelming shape, or Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier for its impressive effects.

Technically: The Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier features permutations of ten-foot diameter and 16,000 crystals reflecting Morpheus light. This striking construction works due to the use of servo-motors and lead cables applying pressure to a flexible spring steel assembly. There are six motors arranged in a star configuration. The motors are attached to six points on the perimeter that pull to create the shape of the chandelier. (Sounds alien!!! But it’s worth knowing).

By the way, the designer who got this crazy and at the same time striking idea is Yves Behar. Remember this name, because my feeling is that he will surprise us again! Waiting for some ideas that won’t let us indifferent!


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