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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Veronica Vail’s Handheld Digital Wallet


Do you already have a personal strategy of saving or spending money? Well, if not get a personal assistant! Namely a product that promised to solve the portable-storage problem once and for all. Let me introduce you the Handheld Digital Wallet by Veronica Vail.

Call it a planner, an organizer, a manager – what ever you want. This handheld digital wallet is actually an efficient aid in financial planning.

It is able to track your earning and spending which makes it possible to manage the very strategy of saving or spending. Besides, you can monitor your account(s), track your investments and make payments right from the device. The Digital Henddeld Wallet houses a universal payment card. So you are the one enabled to easily make payments anywhere. The device is equipped with a security system that requires finger print identification in case you want to access financial information and make any payments or investments.

Advantages (seen with a naked eye):

  • no need of cash, checks and credit cards
  • you are protected against losing cash, credit card forgery
  • no bank trips

So how exactly would you like your digital wallet? Let’s say it should be:
Extensible. This means it should be able to manage all of your payment instruments, and be inter-operate with multiple payment protocols.
Client-Driven. Which means your digital wallet can’t be invoked by vendors. You as a client are the only one to invoke your digital wallet. Otherwise it will seem like someone reaches for your ‘physical’ wallet in your pocket.
Generalized. The interfaces should be easy to use regardless of the financial operation you are involved in. This also means that your digital wallet should have an up-to-date software that updates one in a while keeping pace with the latest payment instruments. Besides, your digital wallet should conform to different environments (devices, browsers, etc.).

If this handheld wallet pleases you with its specs, then make your choice!

PS. The only one dream would be to get an alarm system or an electrical discharge (like an invisible fence for dogs) whenever I overspend! 🙂


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