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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

iLight – How Much Apple’s It Has?


It seams to me that lately the very trend is to own any gadget that bears the Apple logo or the “i” meme. People are just crazy about it and designers take advantage of the mass addition! Why not, if this satisfies both parts? 🙂

The millions of Apple fans will certainly enjoy the iLight Fashlight, but the truth is that the very concept doesn’t actually belong to Apple. Behind this fancy looking gizmo stands the designer Miyoshimasato (sounds Japanese). Why all crazy and innovative things are made by as a rule by Japanese? The design seams pretty simple and austere. Besides the features are not something unknown to the market.

How it works? A touch interface with multiple inputs makes it a typical Apple ‘piece’. You can easily turns on the light with a single touch. Then, tap it again and the light turns off. You also can increase or decrease the luminance, flicking your finger forwards and backwards. Use double tap to lock it and to prevent it from turning on accidentally. Watch the Apple logo! It indicates the battery status. This flashlight do not use replaceable battery, instead it recharges via USB. What I liked about this flashlight was the fact that a single tap on the Apple logo turns on the emergency light ‘HELP’ in morse code.


  1. Slender, slim profile
  2. Smooth light output
  3. Touch control
  4. No AA, or any others batteries, it is powered by USB
  5. DMX 512 controller controllability
  6. Designed for both interior use
  7. Energy-efficient technology


I must say it reminds me of iLight Technologies creation that offers accent lighting solutions. It is based on the latest LED-technology to solve lighting challenges in new ways. This is a compromise between technology and design. They are also used straight of field bent, the only difference is that they are available in three temperatures of whites or seven vibrant colors.

This “Apple looking product” (due to the slim slick body, lack of any switches and buttons) will probably never get into the mass production! (This is my opinion.) But it will probably make a fine design accessory for any hi-tech decorated room.


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