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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Loopty Loop Loopita


Probably one of the areas which will never stop to generate new ideas is the area of furniture! This is because people love furniture! They like it for comfort, they like it for originality and of course they like it to just watch how far human imagination can go.

Loopty Loop Loopita is a concept of sofa that appeared back in January 2007 and until recently it continued to have the statute of ‘concept’. Now it’s going into production! The design is signed by Victor Aleman who presented this spiral-looking sofa to the 2nd Concourse of Design in Hardwood that took place in Mexico City. So it comes that he took the 1st place at the encounter furniture category! Here I guess the sofa was remembered and then brought to life…

By the way incidental or not a second similar design has appeared! This one is called ‘The Therapist’ door and is signed by a Belgian designer – Valerie Wilms. It was presented at the MechelenMeubelen 2007 exhibition.

The question “which one of the two sofas is the original one?” still is a dilemma for simple people like me.

Ok but let’s go back to the Loopita sofa! This one looks like a twisted, huge warm. It is made of wooden sections (red oak) joint together which gives it elasticity but at the same time stability which only wooden furniture can give. The Loopita is covered with high density foam which makes it extremely comfortable when sitting. I doubt I’d call it an orthopedic bed or a therapist bed, but as a whole it looks comforting. The two opposite ends are provided for a great floor level chaise. You can see on the picture several Loopitas joint together to form interesting modular seating arrangements.

Unfortunately, there are no mentions about the place where it can be bought or the price it will cost. But I guess it will very affordable! So, hey you – the ones who are more informed on the matter – go on, leave some comment with the information about the place and price!


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