Genius G-Pen M609 and G-Pen M712 Tablets Unveiled

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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Genius brings out two new digital tablets, named the G-Pen M609 and G-Pen M712. The company claims to reach graphic designers and artists with these new additions.

Equipped with dual-mode, both the models come with extensive multimedia functions allowing users to horn out their creativity. Supporting Windows Vista and Mac software, the G-Pen tablets are plug-and-play devices and have the ability to switch the screen from wide to standard and back again.

Now comes the astonishing high resolution of 4,000 LPI, which ensure outstanding canvas that would boost designers to keep practicing their skills. The G-Pen M712 that comes with 34 hot keys (consisting additional eight “fast shortcut keys”), whereas the M609 carries only 26 hot keys. With the help of the fast shortcut keys, consumers can easily access Office, the internet and Vista or Mac functions.

Genius’ G-Pen M712 and G-Pen M609 are estimated to cost around $249.00 (approx. Rs. 9,960) and $195 (approx. Rs. 7,800), respectively. The M712 includes PhotoShop Elements 5.0, PhotoImpact 12SE, Macro Key Manager and Office Ink/Free Notes. In the G-Pen M609, you will find all the same softwares, excluding PhotoElements 5.0. You can visit New,, Tiger Direct, and many other online retailers to purchase the stylish Genius G-Pen tablets.


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