Lenovo Laptop N100 with Core 2 Duo ProcessorLenovo Laptop N100 with Core 2 Duo Processor

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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

Lenovo has annouced a gigantic powerful laptop, Lenovo N100 from their 3000 series, which has a 802.11 n MIMO WIFI option, choice of a 14.1 or 15.4-inch widescreen LCD, and an option with the 15-inchers for an NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 card running 64 or 128MB of memory. The “heart” (processor) of the Lenovo N100 is a Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.
The price of this Lenovo laptop is unbelivably low which starts from only $800 US dollars. We should expect for an up coming sales from Lenovo ver soon.
Panasonic has released the all new Panasonic Toughbooks (laptops) that are as tough as Ford’s Trucks. The new models of the Panasonic Toughbooks are CF-W5, CF-T5 and CF-Y5 which names are pretty strange and “tough” to remember. Nevertheless, the most interesting fact about this “Tough” laptops are they actually has passed the Military Specifcations drop-test. However, the features and specifications of the new Panasonic Toughbooks aren’t that cool.

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