World`s slimmest mp3 player

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May 6, 2008 by yogi2raj

The slimmest mp3 player in the world is made by Walletex and it’s the size of a credit card, it has no display and is made of unbreakable plastic. And if that doesn’t impress you the device is also water proof and can hold up to a whooping 4 gigabytes of mp3s.

If downloading files or charging the Wallet mp3 player doesn’t seem enough for this patent pending double sided USB connector, the ability to act as a headphone jack will definitely put this latest gadget on the tech magazines’ front pages.

I would definitely keep an eye out for this wonderful mp3 player in the future, because frankly it has too key the features I want in a mp3 player huge hard drive in a slim casing. And the water proof could come in handy seeing I’m such a big klutz.

The wallet size mp3 player is going to hit the streets in June of 2007 and for promotional purpose it can be in scripted with custom graphics.


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