Intel® Atom™ Processor


June 2, 2008 by yogi2raj

Intel’s smallest chip. Built with the world’s smallest transistors¹.

The 45nm Intel Atom processor is a tiny sliver of silicon

“This is our smallest processor built with the world’s smallest transistors. The Intel® Atom™ processor is based on an entirely new design, built for low power and designed specifically for a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices and simple, low-cost PC’s. This small wonder is a fundamental new shift in design, small yet powerful enough to enable a big Internet experience on these new devices. We believe it will unleash new innovation across the industry.”

– Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney

As Intel’s smallest and lowest power processor², the Intel Atom processor enables the latest Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), affordable Internet-focused notebooks (netbooks), and desktops (nettops). It’s also the foundation for the all new Intel® Centrino® Atom™ processor technology, a collection of chips enabling amazing Internet experiences in pocketable devices.

Intel® Atom™ processorIntel® Centrino® Atom™ processor technologyNewly designed from the ground up, 45nm Intel Atom processors pack an astounding 47 million transistors on a single chip measuring less than 25mm², making them Intel’s smallest and lowest power processors.¹ All this while delivering the power and performance you need for full Internet capabilities.+

  • Get a new range of performance-packed, power-efficient devices with excellent performance enabled by all new hafnium-infused 45nm high-k silicon technology
  • Increase energy efficiency in smaller more compact designs with a thermal design power specification ranging from subwatt to 2.5 watts for mobile devices
  • Extend battery life in select devices with an incredibly low idle power as low as 30 mW allowing the device to stay powered on while also conserving energy

Based on an entirely new microarchitecture, the Intel Atom processor was developed specifically for performance and low power while maintaining full Intel® Core™ microarchitecture instruction set compatibility. Some future Intel Atom processors will also feature multiple threads for better performance and increased system responsiveness.

Devices powered by Intel Atom processors allow you to stay in touch on-the-go, connect to business and enjoy entertainment, remain connected affordably with a new series of netbooks and nettops, and so much more.


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