Digital Locket by Kodak with LCD screen

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June 12, 2008 by yogi2raj

Kodak Digital CameraRemember the old picture lockets that your mother or grandmother wore? Well, if you look in the picture you may think that’s exactly what you’re seeing, but oh, you are so sadly mistaking. What you are really looking at is Kodak’s latest development, digital camera in shape of an antique locket designed by non other then Lindsey Picket.

After designing a cell phone for Samsung Global Sponsorship in 2005, it seems like Picket as switched sides and designed this fabulous device for Kodak..

Actually, the 1881 as they called the camera works on the same principle as grandma’s locket worked: saving and preserving the pictures you love. The difference is that now you see them on an LCD screen at an amazing accuracy. But that’s such a “tiny” difference, isn’t it?

You can take a photo, either while the locket is closed or, watch it as you take it, to make sure the positioning is correct, on the LCD screen

So now you can get both a camera and a piece of jewelry in one package. Well, I’m not complaining but still, I wonder what they’ll think of next.


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