Washable Keyboard Technology

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June 12, 2008 by yogi2raj

Washable Keyboard

The keyboard is maybe one of the most dirty objects in the house. Greasy fingers, food, pieces of skin and and not being clean can make this accessory a “bacterial bomb”. The only way to clean the surface of the keyboard is to take out each key, individually clean it, then reassemble it. At this point, each one of us starts to think about buying a new one…But Unotron gives a solution: the new Washable Keyboard.

If we are to use water or any other type of liquid to clean the keyboard….well, the damage would be permanent. But the Washable Keyboard has SpillSeal technology that protects it from liquids and makes it easy to wash even in the tap water from your sink.

Unotron also produces a washable mouse and the Smartcard reader, two PC accessories that aren’t as filthy as the keyboard but sometimes need to be washed as well…


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