599 Mp3 Mp4 Bluetooth Cellphone Mobile

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July 5, 2008 by yogi2raj

599 Mp3 Mp4 Bluetooth Cellphone Mobile

Product Description
Concern support functions — English language, English screen parameters — 3.0 inches above horizontal plate Touchscreen : * Resolution 240 400,3.2 inch color 16 million calls — 72 polyphonic ring tones; supported formats : MP3, WAV, MIDI, WAV, amr; calls functions : CND other location, whether or phone calls when the plane may indicate where the other cities (Minimum shows that the county) [music player — M P3 play back stage, set as MP3 rign tones,. Two loud speakers video playback — they convert, MP4, full-screen support for the film broadcast support Fast Forward / suspension, accompanied by 240 * 400 widescreen Resolution, visual effectiveness. Support calls video playback. Camera functions — 1.3 million pixels; The largest 1,280 * 1,024 photographs, audio MP4 support video capture, According time video memory size and memory size — [256M TF gift card, the maximum support 2G, support for expansion of data transmission — USB cable / U-functional / Bluetooth File Transfer Bluetooth headset (voice) / Bluetooth Music music (stereo) image formats — jpg, gif

Basic functions of the fuselage — 500 contacts a call [the SMS / MMS — 200 MMS / SMS 100. flash memory switching machines — Automatic Turning, MP4 as a switch-picture shutdown alarm clock support — [built-in games — F1, Datang Ssangyong, adventure, Godfather on the beach (after three games online payment required) other functions — MP3, MP4 function, speakerphone, Short Message, recording, WAP function, handwritten input, Bluetooth, GPRS downloads, MMS, memory expansion, single-card question, IP dial-up, two-way audio calls, the caller show, hand-cranked music, Rattle desktop (whether you are in finding out where they only need to shake the phone, music and free desktop are automatically switch), health management, calculator, unit conversion, the memorandum, the Chinese Lunar

Basic parameters applicable GSM network — [applicable frequency — 900/1800MHz airtime — about 120 minutes standby time — about 100 hours time-to-market — [2007.7 shape size — 2-4 — 104. 5 * 55.5 * weight — Tek optional colors — black cool

Standard: AAA
Productivity: 50,000 pcs/year
Unit Price/Payment: US$ 160 / pc

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