Apple iPhones Hard to Find in the USA

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July 21, 2008 by yogi2raj

On Sunday, less than 9% of Apple’s retail stores in the US had any phones to sell, thus reflecting a drastic drop in the supply of iPhone 3G over the weekend, reports ComputerWorld.

According to the company’s own inventory tool, only 16 (8.5%) of the 188 total stores had iPhone 3G available for sale. Even one of Apple’s most prominent stores, and the only one open around the clock, located on 5th Avenue in New York City, didn’t have all the models of iPhone to sell. In fact, none of the 38 stores in California, Apple’s home state, had iPhones. The figure has been dropping since Thursday, when 50 stores (27%) indicated the availability of iPhones.

Of all the iPhone models, iPhone 3G 16GB model priced at $299 was the hardest to find in the US, being available only in 3 stores, while the 8GB model was available in only 10 stores on Sunday. For a detailed report click here.

Early last week, an analyst from Wall Street has predicted that consumers planning to buy iPhone 3G will have to wait at least a month for Apple to boost its orders with suppliers and refill the pipeline.
We’ll have to wait and watch to see how Apple handles this one.


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