NEC CRV43 The Rounder TV coming


June 8, 2009 by yogi2raj

It will be with us next July, the TV special of NEC, the CRV43 presented at CES, which is characterized by a curved screen 43 inches, with a resolution 2880 × 900 (double WXGA +). Futuristic design and then to 68.7 billion colors, brightness 200 cd / m², aspect ratio 32:10, with guaranteed connectivity through all’USB 2.0 connector and

DVI-D to HDMI. The NEC CRV43 weighs 20.7 kilograms and will cost $ 7999 well.

Too? And its design is not the least cumbersome? Surely however is that the NEC CRV43 creates a very strong aesthetic impact and could be a good view of content: someone spend all that money.


2 thoughts on “NEC CRV43 The Rounder TV coming

  1. Thomas says:

    Need, i have to admit that i like the Phillips 21:9 screen a lot better. But when i look that this i wished there where fancy industrial products for my blog..

  2. RAJ says:

    ya i agree with you

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