Dell Studio 15 (1555) Review

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June 28, 2009 by yogi2raj

Configuration :
Here are the details(as)I configured it on Dell’s site :
1. Color- Jet Black with Black U-Trim.
Now the thing is though it is of matte finish but still it gets easily smudged and attracts all sorts of prints. Overall looks like a plain Jane and good.
2. Processor- T6400@2GHz 800MHz FSB 2MB Cache. It has TDP of 35W and runs OK but after working on E8400 on my desktop, it sometimes feels a bit slow.
3.OS- This is where the ship sank! The OS was Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit. I reformatted the HDD and reinstalled Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit. After that I wanted XP too but whenever I tried to install XP I was greeted with a BSOD.

No matter which XP I tried, 32-bit or 64-bit, SP2 or SP3(I’ve numerous *ahem* copies), I got BSOD. The code was 0X0000007B(0XF78DA524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000). Then I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on it and it worked like a charm. Afterwards due to my project reasons I had to revert to R.H.E.L 5 and here everything went south. None of the device, Ethernet,Audio,Wireless,Bluetooth or Graphics, was detected leaving me with no option but to revert back to Ubuntu.
4.Screen- Its the default 15.6inch 1366×768 2.0MP integrated webcam WLED screen. On it, the very first time of use I noticed a dead pixel at the bottom of the screen.
5.RAM- 2x2GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM. Dell is offering upto 8GB of RAM on this model but it costs 31K!
6.HDD- 320GB WD hard disk.
7.Optical Drive- Slot Load 8X DVD+/-RW Drive with DVD+R double layer write capability. Things got no Eject button!
8.GPU- 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570
9.Battery- 9-cell battery. Gives the run time of 9Hrs and 30minutes!
10.Speakers- Built-in speakers are of decent quality and if you want to watch a movie they can easily get the job done.
Ports on the laptop-
1x FireWire
2x USB
1x Ethernet
1x VGA
1x Line-In(Mic)
2x Line Out(Headphones)
Rest everything was default, nothing much changed.
Although in the final delivery I got Creative EP-630 earphones and a Dell Laser mouse with changeable DPI settings and programmable keys on the side.
Now I’ll let the benches and screenies do the talking for me and you.

Most known Problem and fixed

More images and information Click Here

Dell Inspiron Releases 14R-N4010 Laptop


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