Iphone 3G S ready to challenge Blackberry

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July 4, 2009 by yogi2raj

Well, Apple’s new iPhone 3G S launched on Friday morning with several new featrues with improved and better technology. This new version of the iPhone has OS 3.0 in it with added features along with 46 security patches which makes it more beneficial for businessmen who were using Blackberry from a long time. Iphone 3G S is already challening the Blackberry in terms of the features and better security in it.The new OS 3.0 gives a driving download speed to the Iphone. Some reviews say that soon its going to leave Blackberry behind.The new Iphone has the capability to record and send voice recordigns on the move. Also, the feature copy and paste is added to this new Iphone. And for security purposes there an excellent feature called Remote Wipe which deletes all your data of the Iphone if its lost, so that no one would be able to use it. One area in which the iPhone 3GS does have an advantage with enterprises is Web applications. “Web applications are very important to enterprises these days and we’ve tested various devices to see which ones can read the formatting on our reports, and the iPhone does a very good job there,” Greengart said.

But the time will tell that who is gonna succeed and who is gonna move forward.


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