The two new GSM dual handset declared by Intex

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July 17, 2009 by yogi2raj

The two new GSM dual handset by Intex, are the IN4488 and IN3080. Both of them has dual GSM SIM cards at the same time and even come with similar feature the only difference is the form factor. The IN4488 is the clamshell model while the IN3080 is the slider phone. The striking features of IN4488 are Bluetooth, FM radio, audio player, and camera and have a 2GB of expandable memory and also a storage capacity of 800 contacts. It comes with 2.4-inch TFT CCTN screen and an additional Hindi-English-Numeric pad.
These are the most compact mobile phones with the dual SIM cards. The IN3080 has USB connectivity with all features of IN4488 and it comes in all bright colours red, orange and black. Both the phones are cheaper, the IN4488 is priced at Rs.4600 while the IN3080 is priced at Rs. 3080. So which are you going to have?


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