Samsung DVD player and Blu-Ray: SH-B083 – First internal multi-format drive


October 24, 2009 by yogi2raj

Samsung Electronics has introduced its first internal multi-format Blu-ray drive in the electronic market: SH-B083. This Blu-ray disc drive is compatible with high-capacity discs of up to 25GB if they are single-layer discs, or up to 50GB if they are double-layer discs. And, of course, the drive can be used with personal computers (PCs).

This drive reads BD-R and BD-ROM discs at up to 8x speeds. Besides, the CDs are read at up to 48x speeds and the DVDs at up to 16x. Also, the new SH-B083 multi-format drive features an average access speed of 350 ms. On the other hand, besides reading Blu-ray discs, it reads and writes CD and DVD.
The SH-B083 comes with two lenses for more stable reading and writing. This way, a lens is reserved to read BD discs, while the other one reads and writes CDs and DVDs. In addition, the Spherical Aberration Compensation Technology (SACT) improves the reading of those BD discs where the protective layer doesn’t have an uniform thickness.

Also, the precision step control technology (PSCT) allows users to enjoy a higher resolution in the optical pickup head unit (OPU), which is an absolutely necessary requirement due to the smaller track pitch of BD discs (when they are compared with CDs and DVDs).


3 thoughts on “Samsung DVD player and Blu-Ray: SH-B083 – First internal multi-format drive

  1. Nice Bluray by samsung.Easily Compatible. Its a best product to buy if you want additional player.

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