Upcoming technologies of 2010

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September 8, 2010 by yogi2raj

HD ecosystem

High definition (HD) will come of age in 2010. The technology has been around—TV manufacturers have been peddling HD for nearly three years now. But taking one home so far has mostly been a high definition display of ostentation, because it was hard to find a compatible input feed. HD works the best when the images are captured, processed and transmitted using compatible technology. In 2010, a lot of widely used inputs—DVD players, gaming consoles, camcorders and even television set top boxes—will turn high definition.

The Xbox and PS3 already support high definition gaming. Movies and sports are increasingly being captured using HD equipment. More broadcasters are working to pipe HD signals into set-top boxes. Discovery is about to launch an HD channel in India. DTH service providers are scoping the market for HD set top boxes.
While the high-end digital SLR cameras can already capture HD video, even the Flip camcorder has launched an HD version. You’ll likely see a lot of user generated HD content on video sharing sites.


With an announcement from Apple expected soon, the tablet is going to be the hottest device of 2010.
The tablet brings together the cutting edge of technology in many areas — low-cost processors that can handle HD graphics without taking up too much battery life, touch and voice inputs, newer operating systems such as android, and seamless connectivity.
Surfing the web, watching video, chatting on Skype with a webcam, reading ebooks and other tasks users perform while being mobile, will all be tackled with tablets. The boring ones, such as typing and making presentations, will be left to desktops, laptops and other workstations. The mobile phone screen has proven to be too small for any meaningful content experience. The tablet is all set to move in for the kill in 2010.


The Android operating system, originally created by Google, will be seen on a variety of mobile devices in 2010. With the blessings of some of the world’s largest manufacturers, the Android invasion will truly be upon us. Apart from big manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola, who will all be launching Android-based phones in 2010, Google itself is expected to launch the Nexus One. The real battle will be against the likes of Apple, RIM, Microsoft and Nokia, in the lucrative mobile apps space, where the Android Marketplace online store will hope to make it big in 2010.

Wireless broadband

Wireless broadband access, through technologies such as 3G and Wimax, might gather momentum in 2010, government agencies notwithstanding.

With wireless high-speed data networks available over large areas, possibly even entire cities, connectivity will be on its way to being a fundamental right in 2010. The availability of (relatively) high-speed internet at all times will change the way we work, communicate and collaborate.

Whether it’s the ability to carry out a decent videoconference from your laptop in a park or play online with your friends in a car between meetings, or just watch the live stream of a cricket match on your tablet, boundaries will begin to blur and the “cloud” will truly come alive as every device from your fridge to your phone can always be online.

Intuitive User Interfaces

The keyboard and the mouse will increasingly become redundant, as people demand more natural ways of interacting with their devices. Touchscreens will will work better and more reliably on a wider variety of gadgets. Voice recognition will become mainstream. MIT’s whiz kid Pranav Mistry has promised to open-source the software that powers his amazing ‘sixth sense device’.

This means anyone can tweak it and use it in a variety of new devices. Gesture technology will continue to improve on hand-helds and the world of immersive gaming will take a massive leap forward with the launch of Microsoft’s Project Natal this coming year.
Source: Iconomictimes



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