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September 9, 2010 by yogi2raj

Looking back at 2009, we can say that it was the most interesting time in the web technology ( despite the harsh economy). The year 2009 boosted the potential of mobile gadgets and its value in today’s networked society. We can call it the rise of social awareness of networking and communicating.

So when we look ahead in 2010, we will see that the innovation has just begun. So here are the lists of technologies, which I think, will rock the year 2010. Most of the technologies that will be mentioned are related to online media and the Internet.

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1. Apple’s Tablet

The noises and speculations are too high to ignore the presence of Apple’s Tablet. If all the rumors are authentic and, if by all means, Apple launches the iSlate on 25th January, then it’s going to be the thing to talk about in 2010.

We must admit that a tablet is a concept that has been around us for a very long time. But it is still not the consumer device that people would die for. But after the increase in sales and demands of Amazon Kindle and Nook, the market is pretty sure that a tablet is soon to be the device to have. So at this time, if Apple can bring the device with the interface that people are looking for then that’s it – We have our new iPOD. It is not a biased statement, but a truth in some way.

The reason that I say is because Online Reading is something that every Internet users do and Tablet provides the best way to consume the Internet content. Though we might still be working on a Laptop, Tablet will be the way to consume digital content.

2. NetPhone

We are already seeing the importance of Google Voice, which many Americans have enjoyed. We already have a software like Skype which allows you to communicate through the internet data line.

This demonstrates that people are still comfortable with voice communication and it is not going to die. We would still want to call our friends and families and communicate. Hence, we might see more advancement in VOIP technology.

Though mobile network providers would have to play a hard battle with the VOIP services, the conflict between these two models will end once we have more and more VOIP services running in our mobile devices.

3. Net Neutrality

The rise of Smartphone have suddenly put a lot of pressure on the mobile network providers. The online content consumption and communication have stressed out the network providers. One of the prominent example is the failure of At&T to meet the iPhone’s demand. This have forced the content providers and distributors into two opposite poles.

Content providers like Google (YouTube for video content) consumes a lot of bandwidth. This is not good for the network providers because they have to face the burden of handling the requests. On the other hand, content providers don’t have to pay anything to the distributors. As a result, Network providers would have to increased their fees. Now, this brings a great conflict between the consumers, the providers and the distributors.

Net neutrality is all about giving full access to the Internet without any restrictions. But we still need to see some agreement between the providers and the distributors. Hence, we might be able to see some breakthroughs on Net Neutrality in 2010 which would solve the current problems.

4. Social Profile Management(Advanced Analytics)

Online Social Networking sites have blasted the news channel on each opportunities in 2009 and it will continue to do so in 2010. More and more real time contents would be distributed online and consumed by people. Online networking will see more than just sharing information.

2009 had an overwhelming reaction towards social media which created a lot of junk in the Internet. Currently, informations and contents go to waste and don’t make their way toward the targeted audiences.

2010 will see a revolution towards social profile management with advance analytics. This will be applying spam control over your networks and strengthening the efficiency of your network connections. As sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are used in professional hiring, Profile search will also be a big thing. Social network provides a best way to reach out to potential businesses. Hence search (not for content) but for people should be big. Social profile management with advance analytics will be the next big thing for social networks

5. Virtualization

Client desktop computing is surely the new way towards connecting people to offices. Virtual desktops or Virtual machines will soon be employed in many offices providing better flexibility to hardware and software selection.

This will reduce the hardware cost of servers and desktops and CPU maintenance in office. This will also reduce the cost of softwares as most will be deployed in the virtual machines. This is a key to cutting costs, lowering complexity, as well as increasing agility as needs shift.

6. Online TV

YouTube and other online video sharing sites have almost killed Television. The new generations prefer Internet over TV channels. As with the music industry, TV channels have understood that going online is the only way towards future and they have to jump into this bandwagon before it’s too late.

There are already many commercial channels shifting their attention from TV to Youtube or other sites like Hulu. Further, Google have already announced its paid content over Youtube and the new video advertising technology.

Along with TV, advertising also has to make its way to the eco-system and we already know of many rumors over Apple and Google coming with ways to prevent viewers from skipping the ads. This provides great opportunity for TV Channels to enter into the Internet. Hence 2010 will certainly see hand and hand cooperation of the Internet providers and the Online TV channels.

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will be the new way of doing business over the internet. It will be more of virtual resources management, 

where company can optimize his/her resources according to needs and dynamic adaption to changes. This will allow companies to greatly enhance their products and services. Cloud computing will also leverage the potential of web applications in the Internet and we might be seeing some great online applications fo users and also enterprise solutions.

8. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is going to blow people’s mind in 2010. With the help of mobile computing, GPS technology, mobile camera and Google maps, mobile applications are going to have much more power to bring the experience to the user than in past.


Further, the core of the technology will be the mobile camera and the placement of processed information on top of live streaming contents from the camera.

We are already seeing some of it with mobile GPS applications, but 2010 will clearly put these applications on the top shelf of mobile apps. This will allow users to get information by integrating physical reality and virtual world.

9. Online Microsoft Office

Microsoft did face a lot of failures in 2009, starting with its slow rise of Bing and failure of Windows Mobile 6.5. So 2009 was not the year for Microsoft, but we could expect more from Microsoft in 2010. It’s Windows 7 have received good reviews, hence in 2010 we may get to read more about it. Windows Mobile 7 is also on its way, it might help Microsoft gain over their Smartphone market share.


But above all, we might get to read about Microsoft’s online OS. With the strength of today’s computing power over the Internet, the time is right for Online Office Suite. We have already seen the success of the Google Docs, so the speculation is high for Online Office. Hopefully this will reduce their cost and avoid nagging updates. The new competition is obviously on the Internet.

10. Mobile Transaction (Mobile Banking)

We surely need to get rid of credit cards and debit cards. They have already become less attractive in terms of monetary transaction. Once mobile phones starthandling our financial details, we will see a huge potential for mobile transactions and mobile banking.

Mobile application builders have already started making applications for enterprise solution by adopting enterprise protocol. For mobile banking and transactions to be successful we need an enterprise solution over the mobile network, similar to RIM’s Blackberry, which will confirm security over the mobile transaction.

The year 2010 will certainly see the glimpse of future’s monetary transaction. 

more UPCOMING technology will bang 2010 enjoy…

HD ecosystem

High definition (HD) will come of age in 2010. The technology has been around—TV manufacturers have been peddling HD for nearly three years now. But taking one home so far has mostly been a high definition display of ostentation, because it was hard to find a compatible input feed. HD works the best when the images are captured, processed and transmitted using compatible technology. In 2010, a lot of widely used inputs—DVD players, gaming consoles, camcorders and even television set top boxes—will turn high definition.

The Xbox and PS3 already support high definition gaming. Movies and sports are increasingly being captured using HD equipment. More broadcasters are working to pipe HD signals into set-top boxes. Discovery is about to launch an HD channel in India. DTH service providers are scoping the market for HD set top boxes.
While the high-end digital SLR cameras can already capture HD video, even the Flip camcorder has launched an HD version. You’ll likely see a lot of user generated HD content on video sharing sites.


With an announcement from Apple expected soon, the tablet is going to be the hottest device of 2010.
The tablet brings together the cutting edge of technology in many areas — low-cost processors that can handle HD graphics without taking up too much battery life, touch and voice inputs, newer operating systems such as android, and seamless connectivity.
Surfing the web, watching video, chatting on Skype with a webcam, reading ebooks and other tasks users perform while being mobile, will all be tackled with tablets. The boring ones, such as typing and making presentations, will be left to desktops, laptops and other workstations. The mobile phone screen has proven to be too small for any meaningful content experience. The tablet is all set to move in for the kill in 2010.


The Android operating system, originally created by Google, will be seen on a variety of mobile devices in 2010. With the blessings of some of the world’s largest manufacturers, the Android invasion will truly be upon us. Apart from big manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola, who will all be launching Android-based phones in 2010, Google itself is expected to launch the Nexus One. The real battle will be against the likes of Apple, RIM, Microsoft and Nokia, in the lucrative mobile apps space, where the Android Marketplace online store will hope to make it big in 2010.

Wireless broadband

Wireless broadband access, through technologies such as 3G and Wimax, might gather momentum in 2010, government agencies notwithstanding.

With wireless high-speed data networks available over large areas, possibly even entire cities, connectivity will be on its way to being a fundamental right in 2010. The availability of (relatively) high-speed internet at all times will change the way we work, communicate and collaborate.

Whether it’s the ability to carry out a decent videoconference from your laptop in a park or play online with your friends in a car between meetings, or just watch the live stream of a cricket match on your tablet, boundaries will begin to blur and the “cloud” will truly come alive as every device from your fridge to your phone can always be online.

Intuitive User Interfaces

The keyboard and the mouse will increasingly become redundant, as people demand more natural ways of interacting with their devices. Touchscreens will will work better and more reliably on a wider variety of gadgets. Voice recognition will become mainstream. MIT’s whiz kid Pranav Mistry has promised to open-source the software that powers his amazing ‘sixth sense device’.

This means anyone can tweak it and use it in a variety of new devices. Gesture technology will continue to improve on hand-helds and the world of immersive gaming will take a massive leap forward with the launch of Microsoft’s Project Natal this coming year.
Source: Iconomictimes


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