Samsung chat 3222 or C322 specification, reviews,prize

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January 15, 2011 by yogi2raj


At first glance of this Samsung Chat C3222, the design was attracted me and it is slim and light. Samsung Chat C3222 can carry dual sim and active both sim at the same time! But the qwerty keypad is a bit smaller and quite not suitable for a gent with big thumb like me..
Samsung Chat C3222 optical trackpad
Beside the function of carry two sim card, one of the selling point of this phone is the optical trackpad, although this phone are in low end range, but amazingly the optical trackpad are quite smooth and ain’t lose to others devices.
When choosing which sim card to make call on Samsung Chat C3222
Samsung Chat C3222 are full time active dual sim which can receive incoming call from both sim. but if you want to make a phone call, it doesn’t like China phone that got two button indicate line 1 and line 2 to let you choose, but you can change the line by pressing switch button at the side. If you are wondering how to recognize on which line you wish to make a phone call, Samsung Chat C3222 allow you to create sim 1 and sim 2 with different profile name and when you switch line, the homescreen will change together!
Conclusion for Samsung Chat C3222
At last, all i can say is, Samsung Chat C3222 really meet the requirement for those whose wish to keep two sim in a device with both of it active all the time. Samsung Chat C3222 save your pocket weight and allow you organise everything clearly in one !

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