Samsung chat 335 (S3350) reviews


February 5, 2011 by yogi2raj

Samsung chat 335 is a 3G QWERTY phone which is an ideal choice to fall in the business mobile phone category. With features like internet connectivity and social networking, Samsung chat is an aptly named mobile phone.
It would be hard to believe that even a QWERTY business phone could weigh just 83g, but this is true in the case of Samsung Chat 335. Apart from the internal memory of 60 MB, one can expand up to 8GB through the micro SD card slot feature. The QWERTY keypad consists of a trackball helping in easy navigation and a point which even Blackberry phones also don’t provide. Internet connection becomes possible due to the WiFi facility offered. Inbuilt networking sites like Facebook and Twitter enables the users to be hooked to the world 24×7.

If you consider the phone from the view point of the camera feature, then you might not get an amazing view for sure. Only 2MP sounds like a backward amount in the era where phones like Nokia C5 provide with amazingly high resolution pictures clicked by its camera. The QVGA screen offers 320×240 pixels of resolution and just a 2.4 inch of size, which accounts for another weak point associated with this handset.

2 thoughts on “Samsung chat 335 (S3350) reviews

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a question….. regarding this cell phone…while using dual sim samsung chat phone.. can we receieve a call in samsung chat on sim 2 while talking on sim 1 ??? because usually in dual sim phone while talking on sim 1 we can not receive any call on sim 2… it usually shows that sim 2 is off while you are talking on sim 1…. please any one give me the ans …. thanks

  2. madhu says:

    It becomes great if they add 3g instead of Wi-fi.

    Samsung Chat 335 Specs

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