Why Facebook Will Never Have A Dislike Button??

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May 15, 2011 by yogi2raj

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Facebook survives because of it’s detailed efforts to improve the quality of relationships and the interactivity among it’s users. This is bound by a very fragile thread and can be easily damaged with stupid features like the explicit “dislike button”. Here is what i think.

The ongoing discussions and demands by way too many Facebook users for the inclusion of a “dislike button” is provoking. Facebook has been so successful mainly because of it’s fine ability, call it “the key” to connect people and suggest users to make relations possible even with strangers on a positive note. It has come a long way with major refinements in it’s design and has revolutionized the way we socialize “online and even offline”. Sure, promoting relationships is one basic rule for every social driven network to follow, but what makes the best social network really “the best” is only because of the way it handles and promotes relationships among it’s users.
Introducing one bad feature like the ‘dislike button’ can quickly destroy the integrity of Facebook. It would be “anti-social”.
What makes it so inappropriate? Well, lets face it. Facebook doesn’t trust the users to utilize the dislike button wisely and it makes total sense. The chances of the dislike button being misused are very high because of it’s controversial nature and the truth being that no one likes to see the evil “dislike” on their comments and opinions. More positive and least negative feedback enhances the relationship among the members and that is what maximizes the success bar of any social network.

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